This Mountain Life Soundtrack -CD

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This Mountain Life Soundtrack -CD


Official CD Soundtrack

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  1. This Mountain Life Theme
  2. Growing Stronger
  3. The Road Ahead Is Golden*
  4. Happy Pickin'
  5. Sundown
  6. The Last Day
  7. Frozen Hands
  8. We Finished
  9. Dreamsong
  10. Up Among Them (Kora Version)
  11. Dissident Peaks
  12. Thinking Back Moving Forward
  13. Queen of Peace Hymn 
  14. Looking Out
  15. Czech Oppression
  16. The Dance
  17. Garden Grows
  18. Alpine Cabin
  19. This Mountain Life Theme (Kora Version)
  20. Out of the Fog
  21. Up Among Them 

All Songs by Grant Baldwin and Stephen Fuller except * by Jon and Roy