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This Mountain Life Honoured with an Award at Banff Mountain Film Festival

Nov 08. 2018


We are thrilled to share that This Mountain Life was selected to receive the 2018 award for Best Film: Snow Sports at the Banff Mountain Film Festival!

Having a film at the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival is an honour unto itself, so we could hardly believe it when our name was called at the awards ceremony. Grant literally had nothing prepared to say, and I heard a rumor that there may have been a few tears on stage.

"We found ourselves drawn to the more simple and yet powerful stories in this film"

— Bruce Kirkby, Banff Jury

Just as most of us will never experience the 75% of BC that is richly alive with mountain terrain, so many of us never hear the incredible stories of those who quietly follow their passions of living a life connected to these mountains. This award honours some of these unsung characters of the Coast Mountains, and it was extra special to have our subjects Tania, Barry and Todd there in Banff with us. It is beyond gratifying to see our work recognized in this way.

Each year, the iconic mountain film festival Banff is packed with so many impressive nominees. As a first-time entrant, we are humbled to stand beside other films such as The Dawn Wall and Free Solo and to be nominated in a category that included a film from the amazing Sherpas Cinema - a film team that has long been inspirational to our director Grant. Thank you Banff!

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Banff Snow Sports Award