Queen Of Peace 360 Audio Recording Session

Sisters at Queen of Peace

Apr 07. 2017


We are so grateful for the way our subjects have opened their lives to be filmed for This Mountain Life. The Dominican Nuns who reside at the Queen of Peace Monastery are no exception.

Although they usually live in silence, the Sisters graciously allowed us to interview them and to record their evening vespers. Their singing is at once ethereal and grounding, and their monastery, set against the backdrop of the Tantalus mountains is nothing short of spectacular.

They continue a monastic practice of prayer that is hundreds of years old while living vibrantly in the present. They run, hike, do pottery, ski, and have a facebook page.

We don't preach from the pulpit...we preach by our way of life

— Sister Marie

Sister Marie

Our film team has been capturing behind the scenes footage with an immersive, 360 degree camera, so the strangely curving image at the top is a screen grab from that.