Sold Out

Nanaimo Sell-Out Success Paves The Way For Full-Week Cineplex Run For Local Filmmaker

Feb 19. 2019


First Nanaimo had one screening of “This Mountain Life” scheduled. That sold out in just 48 hours. Then our partner Demand Film added a second. That sold out. Then a third, then a fourth…. Both (you guessed it) sold out within the day. And now Cineplex Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo will hold a week-long run of This Mountain Life, starting February 22nd. We couldn’t be happier!

In an interview with Nanaimo News NOW director Grant Baldwin describes how his childhood in Nanaimo shaped his filmmaking: "growing up on the island I was able to experience the incredible backyard we have. It's a big part of me and I wanted to make a film that reflects how the outdoors makes me feel." Additionally, he is proud of how This Mountain Life is paving the way for other indie films: "as an indie, let alone documentary, filmmaker you just assume you won't get into theatres.” He hopes the film’s success will help “cinemas to realize that people are interested about coming to see movies about real people and there's a lot of good stuff that doesn't get its opportunity in the theatre."

The Q&A from after the Nanaimo February 4th screening is available to watch on our facebook page for those of you curious to find out if Grant stayed with Martina and Tania for their whole 6 month trip.

Tickets are now available directly from Cineplex Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo: