Martina Halik Snowpack Check

Avalanche Safety Over the Years (aka How to Avoid Becoming a Statistic)

Sep 24. 2018

No question about it, the backcountry has never been busier. Ask anyone who recreated in the backcountry 20 years ago, they’ll tell you. In that old-timey grandad yearning for the good ol’ times way: “Back in my day I used to have this mountain all to myself, not another ski track for miles!” they will reminisce. Now some backcountry touring areas like Rogers Pass are practically mogul runs. People want their adventure, and with a plethora of modes to access avalanche terrain this should mean more avalanche accidents than ever...(more)

Martina Halik Avalanche

How I Survived Two Avalanches… And Avoided A Third

Sep 05. 2018

It’s amazing how many thoughts can go through your head in the seconds you suddenly find yourself helplessly caught in a rapid mass of moving snow, hurtling headfirst toward a stand of trees. For me it went something like “Oh-S**it-OhF**k-ThisIsActuallyHappening-PullYourAirbag-ProtectYourAirway-Nononono!!!”...(more)