Martina Halik Avalanche

How I Survived Two Avalanches… And Avoided A Third

Sep 05. 2018

It’s amazing how many thoughts can go through your head in the seconds you suddenly find yourself helplessly caught in a rapid mass of moving snow, hurtling headfirst toward a stand of trees. For me it went something like “Oh-S**it-OhF**k-ThisIsActuallyHappening-PullYourAirbag-ProtectYourAirway-Nononono!!!”...(more)

Queen Of Peace 360 Audio Recording Session

Sisters at Queen of Peace

Apr 07. 2017

We are so grateful for the way our subjects have opened their lives to be filmed for This Mountain Life. The Dominican Nuns who reside at the Queen of Peace Monastery are no exception.

Ski Tour

Coast Mountain Epic

Jan 10. 2017

Tania and Martina Halik are attempting the trip of a lifetime. We're honoured to be documenting this mother/daughter duo as they traverse the most mountainous province in Canada.